IMPORTANT: Carnet is not sold anymore, nor supported. You can emulate most of Carnet's features with Apple's Address Book. See this page to convert your Carnet files to Address Book data.

The Fastest Phonebook Software

Carnet is a powerful address book for Mac OS 9, with Internet links and flexible printing capabilities. The program is very fast and feature-rich, and also very simple to use.

Important informations about Carnet and Mac OS X


Main Features

• Finds instantly a record, whatever the size of the list. Carnet supports any number of lists and very large files.
• Internet savvy. Carnet can store clickable e-mail addresses and URLs.
• Dials the number through a modem, a Minitel or in audio.
• Prints a very nice address book at any format, from pocket-sized booklet to large organizers.
• Prints envelopes and labels with text and pictures. Avery™ labels and standard envelopes sizes are preset, and any other size can be defined.
• Fully compatible with Palm™ Pilot's HotSync feature.


Download Carnet 3.7.1 (English version, 2.2 megs)

If the above link doesn't work, try this one to download Carnet in "hqx" mode (about 3 megs).

The French version of Carnet is available from the French version of this page.

Ordering Carnet

You can try the full-featured version of Carnet for a month. Then, if you decide to keep it, you must order a user's license and get a personal serial number. The price for a single-user license is $49.95. In EEC, the price is 49.95 €.

You can pay online with your card on Kagi's secure server. Other means of registration by e-mail, fax or postal mail are available from the "Register Carnet" utility, along with site licence and student/academic prices.

New in Version 3.7

First worldwide version. Previous versions were only available in France. Fully compatible with Mac OS 9 and Classic (see this page about using Carnet in Classic).

Categories are now separate for each list. A global list of categories can be edited when there is no list open. These global categories are used when a new list is created, to initialize the new list's categories.

• Written by Frank Lefebvre, the full-featured version of Carnet To Go is now included. It offers full synchronization with the Palm™ Pilot.

Phonomatic 1.1. Phonomatic is a control panel that allows to define a hot-key to launch Carnet.

• The user's manual has been updated and rewritten in html. The manual's web pages are installed in the Carnet folder on the user's hard disk to be always available. They are also available on the Internet.

• The audio dial mode, using the computer's loudspeaker, now works on every Macintosh, iMac, iBook and Powerbook.

• The installer contains a very useful file built in collaboration with VersionTracker™. This database of more than 6000 Macintosh products features active links to the Internet.