If you need help with RapidScript, please look into the FAQ page first and see if the answer you are looking for is not already here.

Next, please visit the Support Forums, where you will get helpful advices from the RapidWeaver users community.

If none of the above helps, click the button to send a mail to support. We will reply as soon as possible. Please include your name, e-mail and serial number.

Is your copy of RapidScript up-to-date?
Make sure you are running the most recent version. Visit the Download page to get it.

Are you looking for help in AppleScript?
The AppleScript documentation is available online from these Apple web pages. There you will find sample code, reference and informations about Apple's scriptable applications such as Address Book and Mail.

Another great place to learn all about AppleScript and find samples and help is MacScripter.net.