About Umbrella

IMPORTANT: Umbrella is not sold anymore, nor supported. RapidWeaver v. 4+ includes a similar feature, so you don't need Umbrella anymore, especially if you do your own backups with Time Machine or similar.


Umbrella is a plugin for RapidWeaver, the web site generator from RealMac Software. Umbrella adds an automatic backup feature to RapidWeaver. Any time you export or publish your web site, a backup of the current state is silently created in the background, saving your RapidWeaver document along with external items (downloadable files, page assets...).

With Umbrella, you can relax! Try any change to your site and never fear to lose a page. Should you change your mind and decide to go back to a previous version, simply open the backup folder, double-click the disk image and get your files back.

Umbrella is very easy to use. Just add a Umbrella page to your site and your are covered!
Default settings will save your RapidWeaver document only, read the Instructions for more info about the parent folder mode.