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(in reverse chronological order)

Maison Klaus
2010 — Moog solo played by Benoît Widemann live with Maison Klaus.
The Seventh Sight
2009 — Composed and performed by Benoît Widemann, a “bonus track” for the Japanese republishing of the album “3”.
Blüm Tendiwa
2006 — Theme by Christian Vander, arranged and performed by Benoît Widemann for the Hamtai Project, to be published soon.
Primer Tango
2005 — Guest on Éric Séva's Folklores imaginaires (music by Éric Séva).
2004 — With Alien Quintet, Moog solo played by Benoît Widemann on a theme composed by Emmanuel Borghi (recorded live at Sunset, Paris).
Les Forges
2004 — Composed by Benoît Widemann for Si l'Ariège m'était contée, a historical son et lumière in Foix, France
1991 — From Blue Scales, theme by Jean-Michel Kajdan.
Blues Grises
1991 — Also from Blue Scales, theme by Benoît Widemann.
De la Presqu'île aux Îles
1988 — Composed by Dan ar Braz in Septembre Bleu, one among several Dan's albums where Benoît Widemann plays the keyboards.
Alma Latina
1982 — Music by Aldo Romano, performed in Alma Latina, which was also the name of the band.
1982 — Also from Alma Latina, composed and performed by Benoît Widemann.
GHK Go to Miles
1981 — From Fusion, with Christian Vander, Jannick Top and Didier Lockwood.
1981 — Also from Fusion.
1981 — From Magma's Bobino Concert, a live solo shared with guitarist Jean-Luc Chevalier.
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